“A Tip for artists to find out if they have a good Idea: Search the Idea on YouTube. If no one did it, it’s a great Idea.”

Wassili Widmer, Born in Heiden, Switzerland in 1992, is a visual artist based in Glasgow and St. Gallen. Studying since 2014, he holds a bachelor’s in fine arts, Performance Study Group, from Zurich University of the Arts. He has also visited the School of Art Institute in Chicago and has a master’s in Fine Arts Practice, in Pathway Performance, from the Glasgow School of Art. Wassili explores the boundaries between virtuality and representation and their effects on social coexistence, forming a dialogue about gender perception, and our environment, often through collaboration with other artists and performers. He has taken part in Many exhibitions in Switzerland and Scotland, in Manifesta 11 at the Cabaret Voltaire and at the 58th Venice Biennale at the Museum Corer. Wassili lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland & St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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