"My eyes wander constantly in search of visual poetry concealed in the simple things in life".

Virginie Vabre was Born in 1972 in Roubaix, France. She has a Bachelor from the University of Montpellier/France, after which she continued with photography training, in Zürich and Herisau in Switzerland. She has shown her work in several exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany and took part in the Liste Art Fair in Basel/Switzerland in 2018. Vabre works with Polaroid, cyanotype and natural light and focuses on the themes of Art performance, Architecture and Street photography. In her work, Virginie looks into the structures of what constitutes one’s view and how to frame it. Fine lines divide worlds, colors, objects and their shadows, creating an alternate universe, based on the viewer’s reality. Her eye scans what is presented before her and offers a cut out, displayed in her work, with only a slight horizontal reference for the viewer through which to orient. She lives and works in Switzerland, near the city of Zurich (CH) and Montpellier (FR).

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