“My artistic work is driven by the idea that art connects diverse practices and knowledges, which reveal questions and possibilities within the immediate context that is developed.”

Rubén Ojeda Guzmán (b. in Oaxaca, México, 1991) is a conceptual artist who works with different media such as installation, painting and writing. For Ojeda, art production has to unfold politically in all the relations that this field involves. Rubén works as a curator and is part of the collective Los Irrelevantistas (with Daniel Escamilla and Fatima Ramos) and is the cofounder of El Chilar, an artist-run space in San Felipe del Agua hill, Oaxaca. All of Rubén’s artworks contain questions about art history and colonialism. He was awarded artist in residence in the air-Montreux program (Switzerland), and was awarded Young Creators FONCA 2014 (México), and selected for the Young Project of the Museum of Oaxacan Painters. His work has been exhibited in Switzerland, Brazil, Norway, United States, England and Mexico.

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