I don’t want to forget the things that make or made me happy, that’s why I have learned, and I’m still learning, to draw. A line is a segment of eternity, even if that eternity is doomed to be buried in a lost sketchbook.”.

Robin MoonEye Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1996, Robin MoonEye started studying art and design at Brera's fine art Academy in Milan in 2014 before moving to Urbino in 2017 to complete her studies in Illustration and Graphic design for publishing in Urbino's fine art Academy. Soon after graduating with honours in 2019, MoonEye moved to London, United Kingdom where she is currently working as a freelance illustrator and mural artist. Robin MoonEye’s art is very versatile, her love for experimentation allows her style to vary depending on the mood she tries to give to her pieces. Surrealist and pop influences are clearly seen in most of her illustrations, which are usually very colourful. The subjects are usually very random because her aim is to make the viewers ask themselves “why would she do that?”.

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