“My work is the sum of conceptual, abstract, expressive language, writing & calligraphy –a palimpsest.”

Lucian Patermann was born in 1985 in Weimar; He lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. He studied art at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. Lucian Patermann's formal language is fed by the various manifestations of language itself in various media. He breaks down our language(s), sets them in motion, strains their sounds, dissects their narrative syntax and transforms them into new fields of activity. The boundaries between the different levels of his artistic media are fluid. Behind the aesthetic appearances of his works often multi-layered intellectual fields can be opened up, which oscillate between history, philosophy, sociology, semiology and aesthetics.

9 products
  • Absorb
  • Blue Companion
  • Detatchment
  • Flood Nr 3
  • Flow Nr 1
  • Flow Nr 2
  • Red Companion
  • The Whisper Of a Blue Stone
  • This Is How The Light Gets In