“In my art my passion is to create site-specific light- and video installations. Space is very important in my art and I consider it as one of my conceptual mediums”.

Judith Rautenberg (b. 1982), Is a German based video artist and photographer. She studied at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. Her photographs are mostly presented as an installation. Before her studies, she gained photography skills by assisting a photojournalist for nearly one year. The documentary background can still be seen in her work. Judith also studied cultural anthropology and philosophy in Munich. The approaches of understanding that are taught in these social sciences, have a big impact on her artistic concepts. Since 2016, she has been living as a freelance photographer and video artist in Weimar, offering commissioned lightworks for events and showing her artwork in galleries and several light art festivals.

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