“My drawings are the illustrated interpretation presenting the path of my life as an artist who is also a channel through which a flow of information passes acquiring a visual connotation”.

Jazmín Maria Gomez Roitberg (1992, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a South American illustrator and decorator based in Milan, Italy. After receiving her Education in Switzerland, where she studied Restoration and Conservation of Art at SUPSI, She graduated with a MA in Cultural Heritage at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. She studied decoration and worked as a lecturer for ancient artistic techniques of graffiti and fresco in the Castello Sforzesco School and Royal Palace in Milan, where she currently lives and works. The concept of infinity is a central theme in her artistic creation. Jazmin has worked professionally in the sector of restoration and decoration in Switzerland, Italy and China. Awarded in national and international competitions, she worked for Versace Palace in Macau, China and participated in collective exhibitions in many art spaces around South America, her native land.

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