“My professional background in international relations and history allows me to look for meanings in seemingly trivial things, be it the crumbling plaster of a ruined building, or a lonely chair on an impressive background.”

Ivan Kravtsov was born Tomsk, in Siberia, Russia, in 1983 and was raised in Kazakhstan. He studied international relations and history in Tomsk University, after which he served as an attaché for the Russian embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Upon his return to Russia, he continued working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. Ivan then began working at the international office of a company in Berlin, which took him all over the world. Although politics, diplomacy and business are the fields in which he focuses his work, design art and photography have always been passions he pursued in his free time. Over the years, photography became an important means of expression, evolving during his travels from merely documentation into selected observations. Ivan lives and works in Berlin.

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