"My poetical work is a research about social and personal memory where the value of the history of the object is essential"

Gloria Lavagnini holds a BA Degree and MA Degree in Visual Arts –Painting – from Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy. In 2016 she began her work abroad as a curator of contemporary art projects, in which she explored issues related to memory, as well as topics surrounding an individual’s cultural and anthropological roots. In addition to her work as a curator, Lavagnini also lectures in private schools and individual classes on the topics of art history, Painting, Drawing, Model laboratory, and Szeno-technique. Lavagnini, a contemporary artist, promotes her artistic projects domestically and internationally (with a focus on Russia). Gloria has received awards in national and international competitions. She has participated in solo and collective exhibitions in Italy and around the world. She lives and works in Italy. 

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