“I am a wave in constant movement, who tries to learn and explore”.

Frank Xarate (b. 1985, Colombia) is an Argentinian - Colombian Designer and Visual artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Visual Communication Design at the National University La Plata in Buenos Aires and earned a postgraduate in Conceptual Design at UNTREF. Francisco Zarate believes art has the potential to transform society and should be immersed in the streets, so as to reach everyone, with and for all people. His work is focused on creating an image that allows him to travel back to primitive childhood, to be immersed with the senses and imagination of youth. His research, imbued with underground culture and rich in references to the primitive Latin American indios world, appears as a mental note that is realized through his artistic gesture and work. Awarded in national and international competitions, Frank has participated in collective exhibitions, workshops, and seminars throughout the world.

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