“At sea - ships move like cars with their names striping on the water - to me it is like a personification of objects.”

Birgit Widmer was born in 1964 to a Finnish mother in St. Gallen and was raised in Flawil, Switzerland. She lives and works in Gais and St. Gallen. Widmer focuses on drawings and model-like sculptures, which she combines into expansive installations. Thematically, her works often deal with border areas, including those between nature and culture, power and powerlessness. What is a body - also in the sense of mass, why is it and what does it mean, what does it mean for whom and where? Using objects, language and signs partly from autobiographical and literary backgrounds, she tries to create fictional and actual spaces. Birgit received the studio scholarship of the Office for Culture, Canton St. Gallen. In 2013, she was in Finland as an AIR scholarship holder on research. In 1992 Widmer received the sponsorship award from  the Office for Culture Appenzell. Birgit Widmer has a busy exhibition schedule in Switzerland and occasionally abroad. She initiated and curated two exchange projects with Finland and Switzerland in the Nextex project space. She is also the founder and an active member of the artists' collective Streunender Hund.


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