"The core of my work is transformation. Through the diverse processes of overlaying, I tell a story of changes from one earlier form to another".

Anne Krausz (b. 1986), is a German artist based in Berlin, Germany. She studied fine arts at Berlin University of the Arts and Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Krausz is currently working towards an M.A. in art therapy at the Berlin-Weißensee art school. She recently displayed her work in several exhibitions in Berlin and has also participated in the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair. In her work, Anne takes memoir pictures of her relatives and, with the help of digital montage techniques, masks the images by applying oil and wax. Her pictures seem like a palimpsest, so the original layer is unrecognizable, but the entities speak to the viewer, inviting their gaze to penetrate through the vivid color and embrace the silent past lying underneath. Anne lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


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