“In search of new horizons, I draw my inspiration from every new place I encounter, seeking new experiences and insights for my art. The resulting bold and vivid figurative compositions serve as a diary in which different past and present narratives collide”.

Anca Brânzaș (b. 1986, Oradea, Romania) is a painter living and working between Champery, Switzerland and the south of France. In 2010, she graduated with a master’s degree from the Academy of Arts, Bucharest and in 2015 she obtained a PhD in visual arts from the University of Arts and Design, Cluj Napoca. Within the PhD program she received two Erasmus scholarships in Macerata, Italy (2012) and in Berlin (2015). Between 2015-2018, she participated in an artistic residency offered by Intact Space (Centrul de Interes, Cluj Napoca). Her paintings are filled with odd and peculiar characters that animate visually outlandish stories; offering us a picture of humanity in its absurd manifestation. They are both humorous and profound, unveiling a real-life fable filled with symbolism, rituals and fantastical characters. Using a lively colour palette and exuberantly painted imagery, Anca employs an expressive way of painting that hovers somewhere between dream, fantasy and reality.


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  • In Heaven The Clouds Are Strange
  • Midnight
  • The Witches And The Innocent Young Man
  • Two Swans
  • Who Catches Who