“My career is ambivalent and that's why it needs to be also multidisciplinary, but my goals are always traversed by the political commitment of designing better social equity through communication”

Ana Cayuela Muñoz was born in Almería, Spain in 1991. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Granada where she developed her practice of visual language. Ana continued her studies at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany. There she received several awards for her narrative and conceptual photography work. The awards celebrated her performance and documentary works, which are dedicated to the societal issues surrounding human relationships and intimacy. After finishing her thesis focused on bidirectional art in 2014, she went to Cuba to start a project on photography and participatory art, and to teach at ISA-Habana. After teaching at ISA-Habana she published "The emotional power of Capital". In 2015, she received the national award for German young photography. Ana then returned to study and earned two master's degrees in secondary education and Social Communication. She currently lives and works in Almería, researching the potentialities and limitations of the communication process. Ana also works with inmates in prison to develop her research on the creative process and explore new applications of participative cinema and photography.

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