“The degree of digital editing varies, from minor color & contrast enhancements & cropping in some images, to a complete rearrangement of the elements or changes in color in others.”

Anat Givon born in Israel, is currently a professional photographer based in Hong Kong. She graduated high-school in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1976 and went on to study photography at Hadassah Technical College in Jerusalem. She began her career as an Associated Press Photographer based in Israel. Anat then moved to Bangkok, Thailand where she covered the Southeast Asia region for the AP;  she then moved to Hong Kong. In 2005 she took an advanced Photoshop course in London, UK. Then, in  2006 she established her company Anat Givon Photography & Digital Art. Her work consists of Photography & digital art enhanced by photo-editing computer software & applications. Anat has taken part in exhibitions throughout Hong Kong’s galleries and institutions.

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  • Construction Reflected 2
  • Construstion Reflected 1
  • Green Power Point
  • Kam Tin Double Happiness
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  • Uzbekistan House By The Railroad
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